Type / Technique:
Silk-screen printing

50 x 62 cm


4500 €

Without any questions, secrecy is a keyword in Aidan's work. In her latest project, a series of silkscreens aptly named "The Secret Ornament" (Secret Ornament), secrecy gets an even more complex structure. It was the technology itself of silkscreen printing that prompted Aidan to create a series of brand new works dedicated to the "ornament", not as a decorative element, but as the motor generating the general composition. The ability to easily create identical copies of the same element saves the artist from the laborious manual process of repeating this element in order to construct a certain pattern. In other words, an ornament is an element that, in order to be repeated in a composition, asks for technological reproduction. Accordingly, with the help of generative software that allowed manipulating the selected details taken from her drawings, Aidan created patterns that filled the entire background on which a certain subject was harmoniously superimposed. It is appropriate to note that here, as in the process itself of silk-screen printing, the delicate symbiosis between a person (original drawings by hand) and a machine (computer-generated patterns) is also at work.