Olya Kroytor adamantly believes that collages are a sense organ. Making a collage means searching for harmony. Organizing the visual plane requires balancing cleanness with depth similar to the process of composing a word or a sentence – each element must fit into its place in order to make sense and the message to be understood.

“Necessary Condition” is a series of collages that has its roots in the strong fascination that science fiction in literature and cinema has had on the artist since she was a little child. History, not fiction, is the starting point here. The artist physically resorts to real documents of the past – copies of the “Nedelia” newspaper from the 1960s for the pictures and of “Za rubezhom” of the same period for the titles. These are documents of the years when the whole world was under the spell of the conquest of the outer space. The Soviet Union had proved his greatness in human evolution by successfully sending the first man in space.

The future as seen in the past is arranged for the present to read in these collages. The subtle irony of reading messages for the future now that we live in that future predicted half a century ago make us reflect that the act of dreaming and the need of utopias are timeless constants in a human being, regardless of the timeframe. Now that the future has been conquered, the present must be overcome. Harmony is the key to overcome the madness that surrounds us.