"Sketches from Nature" is that underlining, those footnotes and exclamation marks, which enabled the reader to make a book his own. These are notes about nature, about the environment and about the body of an artist as well as our collective body.

This project started with questions about how one can free his/her body from the desire to absorb and reflect on today’s practices of fasting. The artist started her research part by testing on her own body various methods of detoxification. As a result were presented notes collected over the past few months, one of them can fill your stomach with marmalade made following the recipe from the “Cookbook for the Hungry” written by Natalia Borisovna Severova in 1911. The recipes and the philosophy of this publication are so modern that it seems that they went through this very same jelly space wormhole (1) accomplishing time travel, something that is possible only on a theoretical level. Another note can warm you up with therapeutic blue warm reminding of the blue lamp, which almost everyone had in their homes, and of the compulsory sunbathing when staying in a health resort (2).The next note is an attempt to create a space of presence within your own body through ASMR (3) audio.

Some notes are presented in the form of objects, some emit light and others absorb and imprison light. Black and white space holes, that connection that gives us the opportunity to see a new historical perspective.

(1) A hypothetical topological characteristic of space-time, representing in each moment of time the "tunnel" in space

(2) The Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, article 119,The citizens of the USSR have the right to take a rest

(3) Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response