Andrey Monastyrsky


Type / Technique:

21 x 30 cm


70 €

“Trash Poetry”, is written by Andrey Monastyrsky and consists of a collection of stories in free verses about Andrey’s metamorphosis from poet into a visual artist that took place in the 1970s, when he started to make objects and performances in the open field in collaboration with the members of the Collective Actions group. Free from the yoke of Socialist Realism that forced visual artists to picture communal life in happy colors, Monastyrsky developed a conceptual approach to art in which the tension between words and pictures was always solved in favor of logocentrism. “Trash Poetry” is a binary visual and textual experience in which pictures engage in a play of free associations with the texts. Taken from the artist’s personal archive as well as from random encounters when browsing the internet, pictures here are not simple illustrations to words. They live their own life expanding the meaning of the stories told.